May 2024

5 Reasons to Love Long Beach

5 Reasons to Love Long Beach

Long Beach is a very unique and diverse city. It’s the 7th largest city in California, but still has that small town feel. Long Beach has a strong sense of community, filled with art, business, good food, and beautiful views of the Pacific. This city is close enough to LA to commute, but far enough way to have a more laid back, chill vibe along with cheaper prices. If we haven’t convinced you why we love Long Beach yet, here are 5 more reasons why:

1. Long Beach and their drinks

This city has every type of bar, from dive bars to sports bars to more posh kind of bars. If dive bars are your scene, Fourth Street is filled with them. The Red Room is a notable dive bar that is great for cheap drinks and a lot of fun. If you’re looking for live music, The Prospector and Alex’s bar are your best bet. If you’re looking for fancy cocktails without the price and extravagance of an upscale bar, Padre gives you that great bar atmosphere with delicious craft cocktails.  

2. Long Beach knows how to brunch

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If you’re looking for some southern comfort food for brunch, you should check out Sweet Dixie Kitchen. They have pies, scones, and freshly made butter biscuits. You can also order biscuit sandwiches filled with eggs, chorizo, and gravy. If bottomless mimosas are on your list for great brunches, you should check out Tavern on 2. This restaurant has been featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” with Guy Fieri. They serve bottomless mimosas until 3 pm and when they say bottomless, they mean it, you’ll never see the bottom of your glass. Be careful, though, they really sneak up on you. Another restaurant to check out is the Starling Diner, they serve brunch with a twist. From French toast stuffed with berries to mimosas flavored with a variety of fruits, flowers, and lavender, this diner will surprise you.

3. Long Beach is one of the most dog-friendly cities

Long Beach has the only dog beach in Los Angeles county. Located in Belmont Shore, Rosie’s Dog Beach has sand and waves for your dogs to play in, leash free. Restaurants and cafes throughout the city have gone out of their way to accommodate your furry lunch dates. Many restaurants have patios with dog-friendly seating and water bowls for when your dog gets thirsty from drooling over your food.

4. Long Beach is one of the most bike-friendly cities

If you have been to Holland and love seeing everyone riding around on bikes then Long Beach is for you. The city has gone through extensive renovations in recent years to add 80 plus miles of bike lanes on streets throughout the city. Maps are also provided for bike paths that take you on scenic routes through waterfront neighborhoods like Naples and many other historic neighborhoods. Long Beach’s rather flat landscape also make this city an easy ride when getting from place to place.

5. Cambodia Town

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Long Beach is unique in that we have one of the largest populations of Cambodians outside of Cambodia. Located between Junipero and Atlantic Avenue, Cambodia town is filled with little mom and pop shops, restaurants, and supermarkets. With authentic pho and banh mi, you’ll never leave disappointed. There are also many little shops where you can find anything from cute little china tea cups to glassware to music and books. The area may look a little desolate, but if you really search, it’s worth the effort.  


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