February 2024

How I MADE it: a Show and Tell Event Series

How I MADE it is a Show & Tell Event Series every 2nd Friday, monthly at MADE by Millworks. This month will be hosted by Sander Roscoe Wolff. Sander will be celebrating his new book, Musings of a Dunderhead, which we have available at MADE.

Beer and Wine will be available.

Following the featured presenters, you are invited to share your story of how YOU made it in a 5-minute slot.

How I MADE It is open to interpretation. How I MADE … a product, poem, story, or song, or even through a tough trial, a divorce, giving birth, being a single parent, grad school, traveling alone, a marathon or becoming what you dreamed. Stories can be told through poems, songs, and other creative means.

This Month’s Features:

June Kaewsith [aka Jumakae] is a poet, writer, youth mentor and advocate. She co-founded ¡DUENDE!, a grassroots organization offering spoken word workshops for local youth, and One Imagination, a local arts and social justice organization. She also helped organize “Break The Silence,” a monthly open mic event focused on young, emerging poets. She has a background in theater and music performance, and her work draws from and speaks of her life in Long Beach.

Dave Williams is a well known and well loved musician, band leader of MBT, and composer. He’s been working on a new Jazz opera, “Portrait of My City,” inspired by events since the 2008 recession, and the volatile social climate in the United States. Using Long Beach as a stand in for the rest of the country, Williams has created a darkly satirical work where characters presented as archetypes of personalities that Williams sees in every day life. He will be talking about the process of creating this monumental work, and sharing some recorded excerpts from it.

Sander Roscoe Wolff may be best known as the Culture Agent columnist for the Long Beach Post, where he wrote more than 600 articles over a span of 8 years. He’s also the co-founder of LongBeachCulture.org, which was the first arts portal for the city. He’s also a musician, currently one half of the improvisational electronic music duo, Toaster Music. He’s been an active part of the local music scene since the mid 80s. Wolff recently published Musings of a Dunderhead, a collection of new short prose and poetry. He’ll be speaking about the process of creating the book, and sharing selections from it. He’ll also be hosting the event – standing in for Sarah Thursday – and performing ambient music before the event gets underway.


Dec 10 2016


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