How I Made It

How I MADE It is a story telling event 2nd Fridays, monthly at MADE by Millworks

Featured Speakers:
Mark Magdaleno — Community Concierge
Mimi Masher — Roller Derby, Small Business Owner, Party Planner
Matt Cohn — Musician, Photographer, Writer
Molimau Andrew Fatu — Samoan Poet

EmCee: Dunnaree Mullins

Musical Guest: TBA

Our bar will be open, beer and wine will be available.

Following the featured presenters, you are invited to share your story of how YOU made it in a 5-minute slot.

How I MADE It is open to interpretation. How I MADE … a product, poem, story, or song, or even through a tough trial, a divorce, giving birth, being a single parent, grad school, traveling alone, a marathon or becoming what you dreamed. Stories can be told through poems, songs, and other creative means.


May 13 2017


MADE by Millworks
MADE by Millworks Long Beach CA United States 90802

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