Long Beach Data – English

Child Care Centers in Region 4

Geography: Region 4 Best Start Geographies and surrounding zip codes
Data Source: California Department of Social Services CDSS, Data downloaded 06/10/2021.
Data Note: Family Child Care Homes are excluded from this map because complete addresses are unavailable for mapping.

This map shows all the open and closed licensed childcare facilities in and around the Central Long Beach and Wilmington zip codes as of June 10th, 2021. The devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on childcare availability is widely known at this point (to read more, refer to the report) and has left both providers and families struggling. Investing in more ECE facilities and providers is crucial to ensuring that children have enough available seats and providers receive proper amount of financial supports needed to carry out the essential services they supply. 

Family childcare homes are another critical part of the childcare landscape and are often run by immigrant women of color. Family childcare homes are not included on this map because addresses of these homes are unavailable as these are the personal homes of the provider