Free Meningococcal Vaccines


Long Beach LGBTQ Pride is right around the corner and, in support of a healthy and aware community, the Center and the Long Beach Health Department are partnering to provide free meningococcal vaccinations.

People can be exposed to the bacteria that causes meningitis through saliva and spit. That includes kissing, sharing straws from drinks as well as sharing cigarettes e-cigarettes. In 2014 Los Angeles had an outbreak of meningitis among gay and bisexual white men. In 2016 Los Angeles, Orange County AND Long Beach had an outbreak among gay men of color.

Avoid exposure. Get vaccinated today.

Vaccinations last about 5-years, which means anyone vaccinated on or before 2012 should get vaccinated again.


May 13 2017


The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach
The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach

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