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Pledge to Mend America Art Show + Workshops

Mend America interactive art exhibit and work shops
January 6­ – February 4, 2017

Presented by MADE by Millworks, and the Institute 4 Labor Generosity Workers & Uniforms January 6­ – February 4, 2017. Mend America a is an occupation that animates the above pledge. Featuring textile objects, installations and events weaving together ideas of mending, self­care, volunteerism, home and memory. The exhibition features work by Lauren Becker, Elise Bernal, Krista Feld, Steven Frost, Carole Frances Lung and Bronwyn Mauldin. These artists work in a variety of mediums: wood, textiles, performance, zines and social sculpture. Their work sets out to facilitate spaces for making, collaborating, engaging, and talking to consider how to be vigilant and responsive citizens in this post election Trump environment.


Tuesdays, 2-­6 pm January 10, 17, 24, 31
Join Frau Fiber in metaphorically, symbolically, psychically mending America, by hand piecing and stitching a quilt using imagery of United States Map and American Flag.

SEWING REBELLION BICICYLE CAP with Faux Frau Steven Frost. Sunday, January 8, 2­-5 pm
Frost developed this project at the Boulder Sewing Rebellion, and he is bringing it to Long Beach. You don’t have to purchase a bike cap you can make your own!

WEAR YOUR HEART ON YOUR SLEEVE with Faux Frau Lauren Becker. Saturday, January 14, 2­-5 pm.
Participants will learn simple embroidery stitches to create armbands that convey emotional states and/or political ideals/ideas.

PROTEST 101 with Bronwyn Mauldin
Sunday, January 15, 2­-5 pm
● Did you know your right to protest is enshrined in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution?
● What’s the difference between a “demonstration” and “civil disobedience?”
● Is it safe to take your children to a protest?
● Is it right to protest right now? Using the zine as an education tool, this workshop educates participants in the meaning and role of protest in a democracy today. Topics include: the roots of political protest in the law, the many different types of protest that exist, how to plan and or participate in a protest, what to expect from media coverage and safety concerns.

with Frau Fiber.
Friday, January 20, 12­-6 pm
In the wake of the election of President Trump, Frau Fiber will instigate a four­year campaign of producing patches and writing letters to government officials, stating her growing concerns for America. Join Frau Fiber, by making your own patches and stating your concerns.

HEAL­thy SELF, HEAL­thy COMMUNITY with Faux Frau Elise.
Sunday January 29, 2­-5 pm
This workshop will act as a safe space to gather with community and collectively heal. We will begin by making a journal/book/zine, then use it to work through some writing and drawing exercises focused on self­care and coping.

About the Institute 4 Labor Generosity, Workers and Uniforms (ILGWU). ILGWU is the organizational body and experimental factory, housing the archive and ongoing actions of Frau Fiber, former textile worker, activist and symbol of the lost generation of East German workers. Located at 322 Elm Ave, Long Beach CA. Hours: By appointment, 2nd Saturday 6­9 pm, Sewing Rebellion 3rd Sunday of each month, 5­9 pm. http://ilgwu.wordpress.com Frau Fiber and her actions are the work of Carole Frances Lung activist artist and scholar. Through her alter ego Frau Fiber a former East German garment worker, Carole utilizes a hybrid of playful activism, cultural criticism and design research crafting of one of a kind garment production performances. She investigates the human cost of mass production and consumption, addressing issues of value and time through the thoroughly hand­made construction and salvaging of garments.


Jan 06 2017 - Jan 20 2017


MADE by Millworks
MADE by Millworks Long Beach CA United States 90802

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